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Wellness Core Team Members

Dr. Samir Shah

Resilience and flexibility are so important in managing my anxiety and stress. One method that brings me joy in clinic is to ask every patient the same opinion-based question for the day. The social dialogue always makes me feel grateful for what I'm privileged to experience.

Dr. Sonia Sutherland

Like so many...I've had to find my way through the Covid Pandemic. But, a bright spot for me was the Covid Wellness Team. Sharing survival tips and working together to help our colleagues find their way was inspiring.

Dr. Kristin Moeller

Physical activity has been my life preserver during Covid. Taking a walk or a stretch, turning in to yoga on Zoom or an evening walk with my family have all made a difference.

Dr. Brian M. Johnson

I feel an important piece of my wellness is the evolution of my ability to recognize when I'm carrying stress and learning how to address it. Prevention comes in the form of exercise.

Priscilla Aguirre (Olivas)

It's not what matters right now but WHO relationship with the Lord, Christ Jesus is what matters most! He is the reason why I can be caring, compassionate, and forgiving.

Amanda Dold

The most important way I have coped during this challenging time is to be very intentional about practicing compassion for myself and compassion for others.

Helena Martey

By identifying the least important thing that matters, I discovered how quickly I can let go of things that I have absolutely no control over.

Renee Nunez

Earlier this year I began float therapy to be more relaxed and rejuvenated. I love the calmness that I experience after each session.

Dr. Alan Siegel

I believe strongly in the power of the arts for healing. Especially, right now, we need some good tools to stay grounded. The arts should be in your regimen, along with movement and nature.

Arlene Trimble

With a blue-sky mindset, I find it delightful when connecting with super creatives who amplify kind, smart, & joyful interactions in our complex and high velocity world.


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