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Life Course Initiative

The Life Course Initiative (PDF), launched in 2005, is a 15-year Family, Maternal and Child Health (FMCH) Programs initiative based on the Life Course Perspective.

The mission of the Life Course Initiative is to reduce disparities in birth outcomes and change the health of the next generation in Contra Costa County by achieving health equity, optimizing reproductive potential, and shifting the paradigm of the planning, delivery, and evaluation of maternal, child, and adolescent health services. The Life Course Initiative utilizes the 12-Point Plan to Close the Black-White Gap in Birth Outcomes (PDF) as its road map.

The Life Course Initiative is currently developing and implementing Building Economic Security Today (BEST), an asset development pilot project that utilizes innovative strategies to reduce disparities and inequities in health outcomes for this and future generations of low-income Contra Costa families by improving their financial security and stability.

For more information about the Life Course Initiative, contact Family, Maternal and Child Health (FMCH) Programs at 925-313-6254.