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EMS for Children (EMSC) Advisory Committee

The EMSC Advisory Committee consists of multidisciplinary representatives from the Contra Costa EMS community and pediatric community.

Emergency Medical Care Committee

Each county may, under the Health & Safety Code, establish an Emergency Medical Care Committee (EMCC) with membership prescribed and appointed by the county board of supervisors.

Facilities and Critical Care Committee

This committee evaluates/makes recommendations to the EMS Agency with respect to issues that impact hospitals and their interface with the EMS system.

Medical Advisory Committee

Provides advice and recommendations to the EMS Agency and EMS Medical Director on topics such as ALS and BLS medical treatment guidelines; new prehospital skills and/or medications; prehospital policies and procedures related to patient medical management; and review of medical quality issues.

Medical and Health Preparedness Forum

Provides an arena for interested individuals and agencies to discuss issues of mutual concern regarding hospital disaster preparedness.

EMS Quality Improvement Committee

The Contra Costa County EMS QI Committee is a patient-focused partnership that consists of designated stakeholders, EMS Medical Director and members of the EMS staff assigned to clinical programs.

EMS Best Practice Virtual Advisor Group

The EMS Virtual Advisor program is a Quality Improvement Advisory Group that gives anonymous input and feedback about the EMS system. This program was designed to improve communication between EMS and the field provider giving "real world" input and perspective that is both important and valued. Membership is limited to EMTs and Paramedics within Contra Costa County who are willing to participate in anonymous surveys and electronic focus groups. Time commitment is minimal, one survey a month (at the most), on topics that EMS is working on. Members may join at any time. For information on how to join, please contact our office.